Save The Poles / One World Expedition (Home Page)
Eric Larsen - Polar Explorer
webExpeditions has been providing full web services to Eric since 2005. We have worked with Eric in designing his Save The Poles web site, multi-map tracking, social media connections, automatic audio and video integration and media management services.
Spirit of Mystery / Route du Rhum (Home Page)
Pete Goss
Pete has been a client of webExpeditions since 2006 beginning with tracking and satellite blog services. Sine then, we've provided web services though various Polar and Sailing expeditions. We continue to support Pete though our blog and tracking API into his main web site.
Atlantic Row / Pacific Row (Home Page)
Roz Savage
Starting in 2002, webExpeditions worked with Roz to develop her on-line presence, beginning with remote blogging and tracking, and growing into full web design and development with an array of multi-media and social media connections. We also provided custom intrgrations of technical gear (weather monitoring and physiology data) into her site.
Perry Centennial / One World Expedition (Home Page)
Lonnie Dupre
Beginning with the 2005 One World Expedition attempt, webExpeditions has been providing Lonnie with remote blogging and map tracking for his expeditions.
North Pole 2009 (Home Page)
John Huston / Tyler Fish
webExpeditions provided custom mapping and tracking services to John & Tyler for their unsupported trek to the North Pole in 2009.
Pacific Odyssey / Kite Quest (Home Page)
Dom Mee
Beginning with the 2001 Pacific Odyssey ocean rowing attempt with Tim Welford, webExpeditions has provided Dom with custom mapping, tracking and remote blog solutions.